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Security, Insulated and Commercial Window Roller Shutters Melbourne

Casey screens and shutters provide high quality roller shutters in Melbourne. Our rates are competitive and offer excellent services

Roller Shutters South East Melbourne

Roller Shutters Melbourne at Casey Screens & Shutters. we are family owned and operated provider of high quality security shutters and roller shutters in Melbourne. For over ten years, our name has been a byline for secure, attractive, and reliable roller shutters of all kinds. We focus on practicing only the highest standards of manufacturing possible, and maintain our prices to a minimum.


All of our window roller shutters come with a long term warranty, and we can also arrange for one of our expert technicians to have it fitted perfectly in place for you. Our commitment to customer service has seen us awarded in recognition of our efforts, and we always make ourselves available for the right advice on everything to do with window roller shutters.



Security Roller Shutters for Residential and Commercial ApplicationsWindow Shutters

If you are looking for the most affordable roller shutters in Melbourne, you have come to the right place. We are an award-winning provider of shutters for homes & offices and we are also able to offer a backup service to maintain them.


Casey Screens take pride in our great customer service, as well as our low prices across our entire range. Our products are made with the highest quality materials and components, all sourced from local companies right here in Australia.


Our products have also been tested to fit all regulatory Australian standards, and you can be assured of their durability and longevity. Casey Screens can also provide you with a wide variety of different styles, allowing you to compliment your property with ease.   


Why choose Casey Screens and Shutters?Window Roller Shutters

Using the best products from renowned companies, such as OzRoll, CW and EasyView, we are best placed to give you great window roller shutters in Melbourne at the best possible price. We are also available to sit down and talk with you which allows us to listen to your specific needs and expectations, providing you different types that will meet and exceed your requirements.


We can provide you with the best quality of following types of shutters: 

  • Aluminium roller shutters.
  • Commerical Security shutters.
  • Electric shutters

Aluminium Roller Shutters Melbourne

We use the highest grade of locally made aluminium roller shutters available, and you can rest assured that you’re getting only the best in Melbourne. They will not only keep your home safe and maintain your privacy, but you will also save your money on energy bills.


Aluminium shutters have also been proven to completely cut out the noise from your street, on top of insulating your home. In this regard, they are more effective than a double glazed window. Our aluminium shutters are also designed to last for a long time, and we can also provide you with regular back-up maintenance.


The steel shutters that we have, also come in a wide range of styles and designs. This will allow you to not only protect your home, but will also suit its exterior perfectly. We can modify them to fit any window size or shape.


Window Security Shutters

Our window roller shutters will provide you with the peace of mind that you need, that your home will not be broken into. They will also provide you with a host of other benefits, such as insulating your home during winter and summer, and blocking out the sun’s light, when needed.


We have also provided security shutters to many businesses and factories in Melbourne. Our security options also come in a nice, presentable manner. This will ensure that the first impression of people that visit your commercial property will be a positive one.


We are more than happy to use our wide experience to help you get the best results for your business. One of our staff members will be able to listen to your concerns, and ensure that the window roller shutters you get will address these security problems.


Electric Shutters in Melbourne

Our motorised solutions will provide you with the great qualities of reliable electric shutters system, with the additional accessibility that comes with an electrical motorised system. We use the latest, state ­of ­the ­art motors, which will last for a long time. We are also able to provide an ongoing service to the electric shutters and electric roller shutters that we provide, keeping their longevity high.


The motorised shutters are:

  • Italian made (100%) FAAC tubular motor
  • 5 years replacement warranty
  • Mechanical wall switch or remote operation
  • Keep  accessibility in the home to a high level.
  • Provide you with a quick way to block out the sun or cold weather.
  • Ensure privacy is kept to a maximum at all times.

Casey Screens are able to have these 240V motorisation systems installed quickly and effectively, and can ensure that there will be a little disruption to your daily routine.


- Add value to your property        - Increased comfort          - Save on heating, cooling and house insurance
- Noise reduction                         - Warmer in winter            - Cooler in summer
- Light control                               - Easy operation               - 9 year warranty
- Peace of mind                            - Added security


Our New EasyView Shutters Melbourne 

EasyView is a strong roller shutters system constructed of an extruded aluminum and transparent, UV resistant polycarbonate profile. This provides added security and permanent views of the outdoors.

  • It is suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.
  • EasyView is an ideal product for outdoor patio, verandah and pergola areas, providing permanent outside views in a modern and sleek design.
  • EasyView provides an affordable way of creating that extra room, while protecting you and your family from the elements in both winter and summer. EasyView is also suitable for various commercial and industrial, shop front, shopping Centre grille, cafe, restaurant, counter top and internal separation barrier/doorway applications, or where both security and visibility are required.
  • The EasyView shutter system also allows you to return your space to a fully open area with easy to remove central support guides where required.
  • It is made in Australia, supplied with 7 years guarantee.



We received this award based on reviews received from our customers so far this year. Casey Screens has won the WOMO Service Award again!


Only TOP 5% of business get this award.

Thank you to our customers and their lovely reviews, Casey Screens was awarded with 2017 Service Award from @Word Of Mouth Online. Please click this link to read our customers reviews.



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