Casey Screens window security shutters are made in Australia including some of the additional parts that we use are manufactured in Melbourne.


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Control System

Easy to Operate and maintain

You have a choice of control mechanisms for the secure roller shutters and it can be operated from inside your home and can be operated via a wide selection of options.


Manual operation:

  • Internal metal case winders
  • External winders
  • Strap / Cord winders 
  • Strap / Cord colier
  • Spring loaded with key lock


The most common manual control is the WINCH CONTROL; These control can be installed to Brick veneer, weatherboard and cladding homes. It is recessed into the cavity of a stud wall, covered by a face plate, which will allow the operator to insert the handle into the winch and gently rotate and hence control the roller shutter to a position of your liking.


Motorised Operation:

Electric roller shutters are operates with internal Motor to make opening and closing. These shutters are connect with your electricity supply for total control within the comfort of your home. Electric Roller Shutters are an ideal solution for any type of windows and doors area.





Manual control - Metal case winder

Manual control - Pull Strap


Wall receiver  with remote

Our electric domestic roller shutters are supplied with FAAC motors. FAAC is well known as a world leader in tubular motor technology and these motors are manufactured in Italy and have a free 5 years full replacement warranty supported by FAAC Australia.



               FAAC.png - large                



 We use FAAC Tubular motors for electric roller shutters.

  • Tubular motors with mechanical travel limit stop
  • Tubular motors with electronic travel limit stop
  • Tubular motors in kit for roller shutters


Tubular motor comes in various different sizes and this depend on the shutter sizes. Tubular motors are classed by the lifting capacity, and that is measured in Nm (Newton meters).


Remote control:

Casey electric roller shutters Melbourne, with remote controls offer the ultimate in 21st century living, making life modest and offering freedom at the touch of a button. Remote will allow you control your surroundings to exactly suit your mood, without leaving the comfort of your seat. These hand held wireless control using radio transmitter to send the signal to motors. These controls are available in single and four channels controls. Advantage of four channel control is that you can control four different shutters with one remote - cost saving.


Rotary wall switch 

OZ Drive - L10

Solar panel with tubular motor

Rechargeable Battery controller

Rotary wall switch



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