Electric Roller Shutters Melbourne


Add Extra Flexibility With Electric Roller Shutters


Casey Screens and Shutters offers a wide selection of electric roller shutters in Melbourne. All our control mechanisms can be operated from inside your home, offering greater convenience and flexibility. Electric roller shutters operate with an internal motor to make opening and closing easy.  In fact, these shutters connect with your electricity supply, delivering total control within the comfort of your own home. Electric Roller Shutters are an ideal solution for any type of window and door area.


All our electric roller shutters come supplied with FAAC motors. FAAC is well known as a world leader in tubular motor technology and are continually updating and advancing their product range. FAAC is the world leader in automated systems for securing and opening gates and doors. Established in 1965, FAAC boasts over 40 years experience with a commitment to the production of the most durable and the safest automatic movement devices and systems for residential, commercial and industrial use worldwide.


 FAAC Motors works with the "Hand Held Control Switch" or the Wireless Control Switch" or both together. The hand held control switch is available in two forms, the single channel and the six channel. 

Battery operated residential roller shutters are supply with E port controller and its benefits are:

- Low voltage 12v

- no electrician required

-Lithium-Ion batteries

-Multiple shutters can be operated with single control

-no need main power

 When you considering an automation soluation, you just can't past our wide range of remote control system.  We offer wide range of motors, transmitters and automatic devices using radio remote control technology. It is safe and reliable control system.

- Single wall transmitter

- Double wall transmitter

- Single channel handset (remote) 

- six channel handset (remote) 

- 16 channel handset

- Key ring transmitters

- Battery back up system (UPS)

- Position toggle switch


Wireless shutters safety system

Your shutters automatically opens in the event of fire!



If you prefer a manual operation, we offer that option as well. A manual set up comes with internal and external metal case winders, as well as strap winders.  Old locking mechanisms, aging wood and plastics all play a part in just how strong a window is. Security and electric shutters provide the perfect protective barrier for securing your windows; and keeping them strong and durable.


When you deal with Casey Screens and Shutters, you can be assured that all our electric roller shutters are manufactured to the highest quality standard and installed by expert tradesmen. When you purchase from Casey Screens and Shutters, you can expect great value for money. Our team places a great emphasis on consistently exceeding your expectations. This means ensuring that all our security roller shutters are manufactured to the highest quality and installed by expert tradesmen.  Our work speaks for itself; and we feel honoured to have received the "2013 Service Award" from word of mouth online.


If you’re interested in learning more about electric roller shutters in Melbourne, give us a call today on 9870 1462 to discuss your individual needs and requirements.