Protection from break­-ins




Roller shutters have proven themselves to be an effective stop gap against intruders and would-
be break ins. Roller shutters are fitted to the seams of the door or window itself, and, unlike

other types of window furnishings, are nearly impossible to remove within a short space of time.

They are also highly resistant to being pulled back, requiring a huge amount of energy to do so.


As well as providing a purely physical deterrent, they are also visually imposing to thieves. More

often than not, intruders looking to break into a house will bypass any home with roller shutters

installed, due to the knowledge of the points discussed above. Using guided rails for your roller

shutters will enhance this visual deterrent, as there are no screws visible from the exterior,

therefore providing no easy access to your home or business.




Protection from the sun




More than any other consideration, protecting the interior of your home from the heat is perhaps

the greatest aspect when choosing to buy roller shutters. Whilst conventional curtains and

indoor blinds will suffice to a certain point, once the window itself heats up, these window

coverings will heat up too. This leads to a gradual increase in the temperature of the home’s

interior, where it is difficult to cool without the need to turn on an air conditioner.


Roller blinds, however, sufficiently block out the sun’s heat from the entry point; the outside of

the window. Roller shutters are insulated with a type of polyurethane foam that acts in much the

same way as your typical home insulation works. This stops around 70% of the heat before it

reaches the home, and poses an additional benefit during winter, where it will retain over 60% of

the heat inside your home.



Protection from the weather




One other aspect of roller shutters that conventional window coverings simply do not have is

that they also protect your windows and your home from inclement weather. This is a

particularly big selling point in a city such as Melbourne, were hailstorms and high speed winds

are an often occurrence. Simply rolling the shutters down eliminates the possibility of broken

windows, wind lash, and window leaks.


Roller shuttersin Melbourne, due to their attachment to the seam of the window or door, are also highly

resistant to rattling under high winds. They are also highly durable, and instances of fallen

branches or debris picked up from the wind will not severely damage the roller shutters. Modern

roller shutters are tested to withstand wind speeds of over 100 kph, so you can rest assured,

knowing that your roller shutters will keep your safe during a storm.



Saving you energy




As we mentioned before, the insulative qualities of roller shutters effectively allow you to fine

tune your home’s ambient temperature with ease. But have you considered just how much this

will be able to save you on power bills from using the air conditioning or heating system? We all

want to save on our running costs, a particularly heightened issue in an era where the public is

more conscience of environmental sustainability, and roller shutters will help you do just that.


The foam used inside the roller shutters effectively minimises the need to use a heating or

cooling system for prolonged periods of time. Infact, only a simple, five minute blast of the

heating and cooling unit would be enough to provide a comfortable ambience with roller shutters

in use. Industry standards have shown that roller shutters are responsible for lowering power

consumption to around 64%, coinciding with a boom in roller shutter sales.




Reducing noise levels


screesn doors


The insulation used inside of roller shutters is also an effective way to cut out exterior noises,

either from passing cars, or those noisy neighbours next door. Roller shutters have been shown

to cut out up to 50% of the decibel level of ambient noise, and are ideal for those living by a

busy road, or whom are located nearby a train station or an airport. They are also an effective

way to cut out noise from barking dogs almost completely.

Maintaining privacy and controlling light


controlling heat


The ease of which roller shutters can be moved, especially if used in conjunction with a

motorised remote system, means that they are more adept than other coverings at sunlight

control. During the night, their fitting along the seams of the windows of your bedroom will

effectively cut out all of the light from street lamps. Whilst during the day, they can be either

completely opened or partially adjusted, completely to your preferred levels.


This is also true of the privacy that they can offer you, another important consideration in this

day and age. Uniquely amongst window furnishings, roller shutters are the only ones that can

maintain 100% privacy, whenever you need it. Their complete opaqueness and lack of gaps, as

opposed to curtains and some types of blinds, means that you will be able to maintain your

privacy to the highest level possible.


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