Casey Screens window security shutters are made in Australia including some of the additional parts that we use are manufactured in Melbourne.


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Roller Shutters Buyers Facts

Choose the right Roller Shutter Company!

Whatever type of roller shutter and service you require, it is important both to assess accurately before hand and be clear in communicating this to any other roller shutter company you contact is there service as good as ours.


You can rest assured that when you select Casey roller shutters to provide you with a free quotation, you will be pleasantly surprised whatever your security requirements are. Our Salesmen are fully trained to let you know what product is required to best suit your needs and your pocket!


When you purchase our roller shutters you are guaranteed accurate production and installation performed by highly qualified tradesmen.

Our Tips are:

  • Do not always go for the cheapest quote
  • Make sure product quoted is the same as other quotes ie controls, aluminium pelmat box or steel box, aluminium octagonal axile or steel axile
  • Check control system - 240v motor, metal case winder, remote etc.
  • Ask where the products are made. Australian productes are better quality than other cheap imports
  • Ask about the installation. Ensure shutters will be installed by experienced and qualified person
  • Ask the company that you want to look at ttheir previous installations  
  • Check after sales service and warranties.
  • Check online to read their customers review about their products and services.

Fast Installation

Casey Aluminium Shutters are manufactured to the highest standard in Australia. Shutters are custom made to suit your individual needs and style.


Upon choosing the colour and style that suits you, it is only a matter of a week or so before expert technicians install your roller shutters, giving you complete protection for your home and family.


Genuine Australian products and parts

We use only the highest grade of profiles manufactured in Adelaide ?YES we only use Australian Products.  Our profiles are manufactured in Australia with state-of- the-art manufacturing facilities.


The double walled roll-formed aluminum construction of the profile offers great strength for protection and increases insulating properties of the shutter. Each profile is filled with a polyurethane foam core for added strength and energy efficiency. The shutters protect while keeping out solar rays and heat during hot summer days and cold temperatures on winter night. The air cushion created between the roll shutter and the window serves to reduce exterior noises and insulates as well.


These slats provide significant energy savings for heating and cooling and therefore, reduced energy bills for consumers and also a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.




Everyone needs to be aware that some companies are falsly claiming that their motors are made in certain European Countries where in fact they are fully made in China worth no more than $20.  Just because it has a German or Itaian name on it,  it is not of the standard of a true European made Tubular motor is and IT WILL FAIL. Always get in writing from the company that they are a true European Motor. FAAC Motors are Fully Made in Italy, that is why our motors are far superior than any Chinese made motor.                                                        


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