Roller shutters controls

Easy to Operate and maintain

You have a choice of control mechanisms for the secure roller shutters and it can be operated from inside your home and can be operated via a wide selection of options.
Manual control

Manual operation

The most common manual control is the WINCH CONTROL; This control system can be installed to Brick veneer, weatherboard and cladding homes. It is recessed into the cavity of a stud wall, covered by a faceplate, which allows the operator to insert the handle into the winch and gently rotate and hence control the roller shutter to a position of your liking. Types include:

  • Internal metal case winders
  • External winders
  • Strap / Cord winders
  • Strap / Cord colier
  • Spring loaded with key lock

Motorised Operation

Electric roller shutters are operated with an internal motor to make opening and closing happen. These shutters are connected with your electricity supply for full control within the comfort of your home. Electric Roller Shutters are an ideal solution for any type of windows and doors

SIMU motor

Electric control roller shutters are automatically rolled up at the touch of a button installed on a wall or can be operated with remote control. High-quality French-made SIMU tubular motors are installed with high capacity to lift roller shutters of any weight. The Installation process of electric roller shutters involves our team constituting an experienced installer and a licensed electrician. Types include:

  • 240v SOMFY Tubular motors
  • 240v SIMU Tubular motors
  • 240v FAAC Tubular motors
  • 240v CW5 Tubular motors
  • 12v PowerSmart (battery) control
  • 240v Key switch (Commercial) operation
  • 240v motor with manual override
  • 240v motor with battery backup (UPS)

Our electric domestic roller shutters are supplied with FAAC motors. FAAC is well known as a world leader in tubular motor technology and these motors are manufactured in Italy and have a free 5 years full replacement warranty supported by FAAC Australia.

We use FAAC Tubular motors for electric roller shutters.

  • Tubular motors with mechanical travel limit stop
  • Tubular motors in kit for roller shutters

Tubular motors come in various different sizes and depending on the shutter size. Tubular motors
are classed by the lifting capacity, and that is measured in Nm (Newton meters).

Remote controls

Remote Control

You can easily control your roller shutters with hand held remote wherever you are in your home. Roller shutters with remote controls offer the ultimate in 21st-century living, making life modest and offering freedom at the touch of a button. Remote will allow you to control your surroundings to exactly suit your mood, without leaving the comfort of your seat. These hand held wireless controls use a radio transmitter to send the signal to motors. These remote controls are available in single, six or 15 channels of control. The advantage of 15 channel control is that you can group a number of shutters with each channel.

Our remote control operating system can be control by remote only or remote with touch button on the wall receivers. (Dual operation) This is our most popular system because you able to operate the shutters even you  misplaced the remote.

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