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Officer and Pakenham are fast growing suburbs in South East Melbourne. These suburbs are attracting young working family couples.

You would want nothing but the best for your property when considering your family safety and protection of your properties.

Casey Screens and Shutters, we are providing exceptional service to our local customers so that they could afford to have the best Australian Made roller shutters, security doors and window coverings.

If you own a home and have a family living with you, you will want to provide them with a nurturing and safe atmosphere. Although installing roller shutters to all the windows, sliding or French doors may seem unusual, a number of new domestic property owners are considering this type of security solution to protect their family and assets. This is due to the versatility of our modern slimline roller shutters with easy 240v motorised operation.

They can not only be coloured to complement your outside décor, but they will also safeguard your family from any forced infiltration attempts. So simply roll them down manually or motorised with remote operation to secure and protect your family and property.

Unlike other types of security solutions which alert you to break-ins AFTER the fact, like CCTV cameras or alarms, Casey Melbourne roller shutters and commercial shutters stop break-ins from happening at all.  A lowered shutter provides a powerful visual deterrent to keep burglars away from your valuable assets.

Roller shutters are also protecting your timber windows, window covering and furniture from the extreme weather conditions.

You can contact Casey Screens and Shutters today for more information on the high-quality security shutters that Melbourne residents require. We’re committed to supplying our customers with high-quality security doors and other window coverings.

Window Shutters Pakenham

If you’re looking for comfort living, Casey roller shutters gives security and enhance the appearance of your home, you can’t go past the range of products offered by Casey roller shutters Melbourne. Working throughout Melbourne and Victoria for more than 22 years, we specialise in a wide range profiles for commercial and residential security products. Getting roller shutters as a window covering option is one of the wisest decisions you make. Since roller shutters are easy to clean, repair and maintain, and are extremely durable, you are sure to enjoy a good value for money and meantime saving the energy cost during  cold winter and hot summer.


Security Doors Pakenham

If you’re looking for high-quality Security doors installation service  in Pakenham, our team at Casey Screens & Shutters Melbourne is your ultimate destination. Our experienced team provides free advice on how to secure your properties with minimal cost.

Casey Screens, Roller Shutters and Security door Melbourne guarantees value, quality, and style. When it comes to order our security doors, our sales person will meet you face to face and recommending you the best security door to match your existing architecture and decor. At Casey, our security doors are made with quality locks (Single point or Triple point), matching handles, hinges, auto closer and robust aluminium frames.

For more details on the top quality security doors Melbourne, give us a call at Casey Screens and Shutters today. We’re passionate about providing durable corrision free security doors for our clients.

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