77mm Widespan

77mm Widespan Roller Shutter

Widespan Residential & Commercial Applications

This roller shutter range is made with a precision
roll formed roller shutter profile, and is suitable
for many widespan applications.

  • High quality aluminium alloy construction.
  • Foam filled profile for additional strength and
    silent operation.
  • High quality painted finish.
  • Smooth and curved face profile.
  • Rolls smaller than traditional steel roller doors.
  • Range of colours.
  • Double coated + lacquer for abrasion resistant finish.
  • .Comprehensively engineered for extra strength.
  • Heavy duty guides and bottom bar.
  • Fully enclosed pelmet with internal rollers and
    reinforcement side plates
  • Suitable for widespan widths up to 5900mm.
  • Can be manually operated or motorised.
  • Made in Australia.
Technical Specifi cations
      • Maximum Shutter Width =5900mm
      • Maximum Shutter Height = 3000mm
      • Maximum Surface Area = 15m2
        (depending on wind zone)
      • Weight/Metre2 = 5kg
    • Number Of Slats/Metre = 13
    • Profile Slat Covering = 77mm
    • Profile Slat Thickness = 18.5mm
    • Axle Types = Octagonal or Round Steel
    • Bottom Bar Dimensions =106mm x 19mm
    • Guide Dimensions = 105mm x 37mm/26mm
    • Paint Finish = Polyurethane/Polyamide (PU/PA)
    • Inner Profile Foam Type = Poly Urethane (CFC Free)
Pelmet Sizes & Maximum Shutter Height
Pelmet Box Size Max. No.Of Slats Max. Shutter Height Axle Size
250mm 23 2000mm 101mm
250mm 21 1800mm 130mm
300mm 39 3200mm 101mm
300mm 36 3000mm 150mm
Wind Speeds & Maximum Shutter Width
Wind Speed Max. Shutter Width Max. Surface Area
11.2m/sec 4400mm 13.23m2
13m/sec 3520mm 10.56m2
15.8m/sec 3060mm 9.18m2
20.4m/sec 2670mm 8.01m2
Suitable Applications
  • Residential Garage Doors.
  • Commercial Garage Doors.
  • Commercial Windows.
  • Commercial Shop Fronts & Doorways.
  • Entry Level Security for Factories, Warehouses,
  • Clubs, Pubs & Hotels, Restaurants, Pharmacies
    & Sports Complexes.
Roller Shutter Colour Options


  • White
  • Brown
  • Silver

Pelmets/Side Frames/Guides/Bottom Bars

  • White
  • Brown

Powder coated options available
(additional charges apply)

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