Roller shutters maintenance

Roller shutters maintenance

Maintenance procedures include:

  • If your roller shutters remain open or closed, it is important that you at least cycle them once in every week or two to keep the weather strip in the shutter guides flexible
  • Do not continuously cycle the shutters more than 3 times as this will cause the engine ‘s thermal safety overload and cut out making the shutter non-operational before the engine’s temperature usually cools down, depending on the ambient temperature reaching the thermal overload, this will be about 15-20 minutes.
  • If you have awning windows, casement windows, hopper windows or french doors, please make sure that they are closed before lowering the shutters that fail to do so will result in the roller shutter landing on the open window or door from which the engine will continue to drive the shutter down and unroll in the pelmet, causing a myriad of different problems.
  • Clean the roller shutters in metro suburb areas at least every 6 months every 4 months rural areas every 2 months in coastal areas use a mild detergent (car wash) mixed with hot water in a bucket using an inner broom with soft bristles first pre-rinse the shutter with water then clean the shutter with the soapy broom when fully closed rinse then partially open the shutter for all the ventilation.
  • If your area has a lot of trees and shrubs check regularly for twigs and leaves that might get stuck into the shutter panels and remove and clean
  • If you have shutters that use a battery backup every 6 months, turn off the power from the circuit breaker to verify that the battery backup is still working and also wake up the battery back up in the battery, this helps prolong the battery life if you have encountered a power surge electrical storm or black out, you will need to reset the battery backup
  • If you need to operate your shutters on battery backup UPS power when the 240v power goes out, please only operate one shutter separately at a time. Do not operate functions for any party.
  • When triggering the switch to control the roller shutter, Rocker style switches make sure to use a firm positive action when pressing the switch either to go down or stop the same as you would with a standard light switch or a power point switch if you don’t use a firm positive action, the switch will not function properly and the roller shutter may not work and can often cause it to work electrically
  • Our shutter system has been engineered as a low maintenance system to use no fail.
    Not adhering to these maintenance steps may severely decrease the lifespan and durability of your new shutters)lubricants on any part of the shutter system and if lubricated, your shutters will definitely

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